Ecore2Code is a small command line tool that generates model representation code for a specified Ecore metamodel. The code generation is currently based on System.CodeDOM. As a consequence, no language specific code as e.g. operator overloads is generated. The supported parameters of Ecore2Code are listed below with their explanations.

-n, --namespace

This parameter specifies the root namespace for the generated code. If no namespace argument is provided, the default namespace "GeneratedCode" is used.

-l, --language

This parameter specifies the language, in which the code should be generated. The supported languages names are:
  • CS specifies C#. This is also the default.
  • VB specifies VB.NET.
  • FS specifies F#.
  • CPP specifies C++/CLI.
  • JS specifies JavaScript.NET.

-s, --separate

This parameter determines whether each generated type should be separated in its own code file. If this parameter is not set, the code is generated into a single file.

-o, --output

This parameter determines the output file (if the code is not separated) or folder. In case the code is separated, the code generator generates the least general common package into that folder.

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