NMF EcoreInterop

NMF EcoreInterop is a subproject that supports the interopability with Ecore from EMF. As such, it contains NMeta specified in Ecore, Ecore specified in NMeta, an Ecore model generated from the latter model and a transformation to transform Ecore (meta-)models into NMeta. The other direction is not as easy, as NMeta is semantically richer than Ecore.


The latter transformation is used in a small command line tool, Ecore2Code, that generates model representation code for Ecore metamodels. This is done by transforming the Ecore metamodel into NMeta, transforming the NMeta model into System.CodeDOM and generate code for this model in multiple languages. The supported languages are C#, VB.NET, C++/CLI, F# and JavaScript.NET.

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