NMF Collections

The goal of NMF Collections is to provide a library of collection classes that are missing in the .NET framework base class library. These classes are:
  • In the namespace NMF.Collections.Generic
    • DecoratedSet: A decorator implementation around the HashSet<T> from the BCL
    • OrderedSet: An implementation of an ordered set, i.e. the collections keeps track of the order in which items are added to the collection but acts as a set (no duplicate entries, fast Contains operation)
    • ReadOnlyListSelection: This class provides a readonly IList<T> implementation given a list of items and a selector. Basically, this class can be used to maintain the IList<T> interface when using the Select Query operator.
    • ReadOnlyOrderedSet: A read-only wrapper for ordered sets
  • In the namespace NMF.Collections.ObjectModel
    • ObservableList: A thin layer upon ObservableCollection<T> (which in fact is a list) implementing INotifyCollection from the Expressions project
    • ObservableOrderedSet: An observable implementation of an ordered set
    • ObservableReadOnlyOrderedSet: A read-only wrapper for observable ordered sets
    • ObservableSet: An implementation for observable hash sets
    • Opposite collections OppositeList, OppositeSet and OppositeOrderedSet
    • Observable variants of the opposite lists

Opposite collections are collections that allow to easily set an indicator if an element is added to or removed from the collection.

All collections implement the ICollection interface. Lists and ordered sets implement the IList interface. Ordered sets and sets implement the ISet interface. Additionally, all collections also implement the INotifyCollection interface from the Expressions project.

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