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.NET Modeling Framework (NMF)

The .Net Modeling Framework (NMF) is a framework to support model-driven engineering using .NET technologies. It consists of several subprojects that ease various model-driven tasks, such as generating code for model representation, or languages to support model transformation, synchronization and optimization.

The source code of NMF has been migrated to GitHub ( However, the documentation is still here on Codeplex.

NMF Downloads

So far, NMF Transformations is available via NuGet. To install it, just type in your NuGet package console:

PM> Install-Package NMFTransformations 

More NuGet packages are to appear, but so far, if you want to experience the other projects, you will have to download the full source code. You can do so through the SVN repository.


Detailed Project information

Detailed project information to the sub-projects of NMF can be found on the wiki pages to these projects:


  1. Georg Hinkel. An approach to maintainable model transformations using an internal DSL. Master's thesis, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, October 2013. pdf
  2. Georg Hinkel, Thomas Goldschmidt, and Lucia Happe. An NMF solution for the Petri Nets to State Charts case study at the TTC 2013. EPTCS, 135:95-100, 2013. pdf
  3. Georg Hinkel, Thomas Goldschmidt, and Lucia Happe. An NMF solution for the Flowgraphs case at the TTC 2013. EPTCS, 135:37-42, 2013. pdf


  • More to come here soon


Developers are dear welcome to contribute to NMF in various ways. Please just write an Email to Georg Hinkel.

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